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Toosii – Hey Now! (Car Freestyle) Lyrics



Toosii - Hey Now! (Car Freestyle) Lyrics

Toosii – Hey Now! (Car Freestyle) Lyrics

Hey Now! (Car Freestyle) Lyrics By Toosii

To the ones who believed in me, I, I love you, you know?

[Verse 1]
Hey now, what you say now?
Backpack Goyard, it was Sprayground
I done made rap a livin’, believe me, I ain’t kiddin’
Should’ve seen the haters’ faces when they seen that I shitted
I done did it for the ones that ain’t believe in me
But you stayed down, baby, what you seen in me?
Movin’ to a different city, switchin’ sceneries
But I still call when I’m leavin’, need your touch
Without love, you ain’t needin’ much
Been through a lot, but I ain’t grievin’ much
Times got hard and I wasn’t sleepin’ much
And I know you hate that for me
Lied to your face, I know you hate that, shorty
Every time you call me, I be right there for it
Every time you don’t, then I be right back callin’
Like, still pickin’ up the phone when the phone don’t ring
I’ll take the blame, put it all on me
You don’t trust a soul, but you call on me
Every time you’re down, then you fall on me
And I’m right there to pick you back up
First time that we linked, called the black truck
Bellhop right at the desk picked the bags up for ya
Did everything that I can do for ya
And I know, I was thinkin’ I probably should switch it up a lil’ bit
Alright, come on (Yeah)

[Verse 2]
You don’t believe in liars, say I add fire to fire
Why you lookin’ in my face like I tried ya?
When, baby, I ain’t even try ya
Let’s be real, gotta keep it real with yourself ‘fore you even keep it real with a nigga
Tell me, what’s the deal with a nigga?
I be in my feels and you still ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga
You ain’t feelin’ a nigga

Ayy, broski, I won’t lie, keep, keep all that
I’m fuckin’ with that, that was hard
Come on, let’s go to the next one
Wait, let the, let the beat play a lil’ bit
Alright, come on

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