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Marqus Clae – B.I.T.H.D.J.F.H.L. Lyrics



Marqus Clae - B.I.T.H.D.J.F.H.L. Lyrics

Marqus Clae – B.I.T.H.D.J.F.H.L. Lyrics

B.I.T.H.D.J.F.H.L. Lyrics By Marqus Clae

Hey, how long the GPS say bro
Say we-
Why the fuck ain’t nobody outside?
I think I see somebody comin’ out the door
Slow down, slow down, slow down, cut your lights off, nigga
Yeah, that’s them bitch ass niggas right there
Pull up, pull up
Pull up, nigga, pull up and roll the window down
What’s the business, boi?
Ho ass nigga
Oh shit (Wow)
This that shit (Oh, my fuckin’ God)
Turn this shit up (Wow)
You funky dog head

[Verse 1]
Bitch, you ain’t really like what you think you is
Why these niggas always on the same old shit?
Pull up with the gold BBs like Mitch
I got the key to the city like Nip
What the fuck do you mean? I’m in love with the cream, yeah
Got a bad ass bitch and her ass so thick that it stuff up her jeans, yeah
I live a life that you see on a TV screen
I need my money in all blues like BB King, VVs bling
Bright as bitch, high as a cliff
Shut the fuck up when your highness is near
Where all the lighters inhere, I need it on fire in here, the vibe is in here (Hmm, hmm, hmm)
I got the game in a motherfuckin’ lock
My time is now, give a fuck ’bout a clock
I got the motherfuckin’, hmm, ah
Don’t even know what to say, I’m too hot (Woo)
Shit, pull up and hop out and flick off the cops, get off my cock
Pressure cookin’ pussy niggas and opps
Make a nigga go and dig up a lot, goddamn
Her pussy so wet when I fuck she be makin’ my socks damp
I need the millions and billions and trillions and zillions, run me the motherfuckin’ mula, okay
Please, don’t make me do this, okay, you don’t wanna lose your medulla today

Here lies (No) a dumbass nigga (Oh no)
Who thought he could withstand (No) the power of a man (Hell no)
Ah, but no

[Verse 2]
Never got it ’til they get it
Stoned cold killer for the digits
You switched sides on your Benedict Arnold
You start, I’ma finish it pronto
In a condo with a pretty bitch shakin’ ass by the front door
Her shit bounce like a bongo
This shit sound like a full breed bronco
Good dope on the way up your nose
I ain’t never had that much but I made it enough I evaded the cages and cuffs, mm
You niggas couldn’t pay me to bluff, Clae J. Fox, I was raised as a wolf
Pissin’ off the opinionated bitches, flickin’ major switches
This is the matrix, I’m shaded by the lenses, I painted the forensics
I’m back in my back like a backpack on back, that’s my back
I preach game like a pastor that rap
Niggas is funny, my bad if I laugh
Pick up the money, I left half in the sash
School of hard knocks, I mastered the class
Grade A Clae with the MJ stats
Let me slow it down for the illiterate niggas who brain can’t adapt
Okay, just got back from a flight, I’m high
He say he ’bout that life, he lied
If you really ’bout it, be quiet (Don’t speak on it)
Just turn that shit up when it’s time
You know me, I be coolin’, I’m vibin’
I don’t fuck with these niggas, I’m sorry
Runnin’ plays like Madden, I blitz it
My bitch got a Brazilian butt lift
As you could see
At the end of the, at the end of the road
I’m gon’ be there
A nigga like me gon’ be there
Oh damn, we done killed the wrong nigga

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