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GOON DES GARCONS* – the things (it in itself) Lyrics



GOON DES GARCONS* - the things (it in itself) Lyrics

GOON DES GARCONS* – the things (it in itself) Lyrics

​the things (it in itself) Lyrics By GOON DES GARCONS*

Oh, you psycho for real?
A you problem, your problem, that’s a you problem
Nigga, figure it out (Maniac Sounds)
Haha, haha, haha, no, for real though, he does
He loves crazy girls, you need to chill, bro
Why? I won’t
Wow, crazy girls, yeah
How long do you think [?]?
They were
You never call, you never need me (Me)
I guess I’m here, all on my own (Own)
You could’ve told me you was lonely
Okay, I guess, I should’ve known
I see you back to all your old ways (Ways)
Don’t care to talk, just sticks and stones (Stones)
Don’t worry ’bout me, I’ll be okay (Okay)
You play the game, that’s how it goes (Goes)
Won’t catch me walkin’ with my head down (Head down)
I just got a new grill, I can’t wait to show (Show)
Usually, I’m way too humble (Humblе)
But today, I’ll do the most (Yeah)
I see you lurkin’ through my page now (Yеah)
Likin’ girls comments underneath my posts
DM sayin’, “Hey, remember when you loved me?”
Hate to say, “I do” but now just love my clothes (Yeah)
Too much cash to have to boast (Have to boast)
Pull up faster, feel like Casper in a Ghost (He’s a ghost)
Drop a tab of ratatata, I can float (I can float)
They say nice guys finish last, let’s have a toast (Yeah)
I learned the game so sleazy (Sleazy)
Out here on the Westside everything goes (Goes)
Everybody wear disguises so freely (So freely)
Who the realest? Fuck it, we might never know
The lies come so easy (Easy)
I had to check ’em for they nose (They nose)
Silly me, man, I thought I could be a real boy (Boy)
I thought I was Pinocchio

You fuckin’ crazy
In reality, I’m pretty reasonable and pretty I’m [?]
I’m not that actually crazy
But if you need me to be fuckin’ crazy, I will be
You feel me?
That in itself sound crazy as fuck
I spent a lot of my life [?] too
Lookin’ [?], desperate for that thing
And when he came back, turns out it was always right here

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