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CusaX – End Of Days Lyrics



CusaX - End Of Days Lyrics

CusaX – End Of Days Lyrics

End Of Days Lyrics By CusaX

[Verse 1: CusaX & 44RON]
Not up for debate, I bet this first verse
Gonna last ’till the end of days
Watergate like Nixon, not a damn
But a god, curses killin’ men today
Run it back, I’ll intent on your camp
Hundred bill stack, we stampede, still a beast man
Target locked enemy from a distance
Wishlist, you would get shot in a mission
Intermission like a break, but I build
Gonna rake in a mill, done erased ton of hate
But I wait for the kill, gotta stake in your heart
Like a vampire, but the bite of a shark
Gonna stand higher like I’m Obi-Wan
So look out below mе, got a flow beyond
No amount of trophies can account to show the
Full scеne, your pulse creeps to slow, you’re gone
A result of these shows, I throw is evil
Supposed to keep close to those deceitful
A ghost or reaper, I’ma burn you people
Leave a toast for the goat and I turn to see the
Whole team at Yeo, no cream but we’re a
Machine bubbling ’till we blow the scene up
Want a piece of me but no peace or panic
Gotta beat and bleed and go wreak some havoc
Made a scene policin’ these streets, so recently
You’d be keen to retreat immediately
Heat so hot, not gonna want the smoke
But we poppin’ off, choppin’ a flock of folk
You know I rock the most, punch
Knock ’em out with flows, I spit cold, shut
Lock ’em down, you lost the crown
Hear the talk around, it’s the gossip (Yeah, yeah)
I talk shit, now I’m out

[Verse 2: 44RON]
Let my imagination run rampant (Yeah)
Look how bad it makes you all panic
Static haze, the inputs been tampered
Splattered paint on a brand new canvas
The master plan is to unravel this masterpiece
That I have on a pad here (Yeah)
Y’all keep talkin’ but I can’t hear (What?)
Finna disappear in a screen of smoke like magic (Poof)
Finna leave this planet when I go intergalactic (Huh?)
On some one small step for rap shit
And one gigantic fuckin’ leap
For the ones who ain’t have shit
I learned that perspective is power (Yeah)
And you could let it devour
Or you could let it empower (Ah)
Better make the choice because
Life only gives you so many hours (Uh huh)
We go through the journeys of life
Just to face ourselves at the end (Hah)
You know you gotta fail to begin
Mistakes form the weak spots
Of your past self, so you know where to hit
I could do so much more (What?)
And you can bet your ass that I will (Ha)
I walk out to the ring playin’ funeral music
To beat your ass with my quill
Hop on a track, it’s a violent kill you
Feel survivors guilt, but I’m comin’ right back
To resolve that, just to withhold that
Promise and commitment to slaughter that I’ll fulfill
And that’s why I’m still sittin’ here for the long run
So when it’s all said and all done
I can look back knowin’ that I did
Everything I wanted and dreamed of
And ain’t forget where I spawned from

[Verse 3: Embis]
My teeth enchanted with the reapers magic
Pen will turn to a scythe when the inks in hand, then
‘Cause I sold him my soul, all the readings chanted
Get my wins and my losses with the heat and brand it
To my fuckin’ forehead, yeah, he’s satanic
I got more than four heads, I’m a freakin’ dragon
You for tails or for heads? It’ll leap and land right
Where I want it, place your bets ’cause I wreakin’ havoc
All of my opponents will deplete and vanish
Walk in my presence? You can’t even manage
To just talk of my essence without needing bandage
I’ll just chalk a line, lessons they don’t teach in classes
Roll with it records, bitch, yeah, we breed the panic
Cursin’ the game and unleash the phantom
Can’t undo it, can’t delete the damage
If they hungry for more, then we’ll feed the famined
Once 44 drops, we complete the canon
Yeo phase two, fuckers, we been plannin’
To destroy the rap game and then leave the planet
So now you all know why we seem outlandish!
Got a picture, just wait for my spiel
Got a pitcher of paint, it might spill
I don’t spit for the fame cause I’m real
All the shit that I make ain’t pride filled
Yeah, I’m sick in the brain, will thrive still
And then when I escape this life will
They find hidden engraved in my will
A little bit of a change? Provide bills
For the minimum wage and light bills
Venomous rage is my thrill
But I’m not gonna say goodbye ’till I get one prize
Bitch, I’m doin’ this ’till my pen runs dry
All the fake friends, yeah, I did cut ties
Now I’m off to kill the game, so its been fun, bye
Hah, yuh

[Verse 4: Angelicly]
Comin’ in hard on the verse, beware
Takin’ my shot in the war, declared
Tryna make use of the flow, prepared
Impaired vision, gonna need repair
See through the eyes of me in the line up
Gonna take first place, know that your times up
Blow ’em out the water, I’m somewhat upset
Lookin’ up ahead to the future, what’s next?
Put the cassette in the box, I bet
That you’ve never met the one true threat
That’s me on the mic when I drop, then you bite
And eat every word that you said that night
I was right, even despite my arrogance
You can never talk bad about my elegance
I just need to show my evidence
That I will prevail when I show my precedence
My percentage exponential
When I rhyme I show my true potential
To build off what is fundamental
Be careful if your detrimental to my
Success or failure
Putting in the work, give birth like labor
To a new era of a brand new player
Who gonna make moves like major
This paper contains what you need
To become the ultimate danger
Commando like ranger
Everyday life gets a teeny tiny bit stranger
I could never wager, my life or my future
I’ll get money later but I kinda want it sooner
Blockin’ out the sun, eclipse, so lunar
Veteran bars but I’m an early bloomer

[Verse 5: ChampyG]
Back in Jan’, I gave em reflection, stated my therapy sessions
Jot ’em in tune then take what I’m blessed with, relay them this message
Ottoman view, the angst in my left hand, in chase of acceptance
Caught in a loop, caged in unpleasant, spaces I’m left in
Thoughts to elude but waited the seven, days that I’m preppin’
Nod and approve, say thanks then I’m steppin’, away as I step in
The automobile then take in my lesson, gaze in the setting
Flawed and confused, but hey, adolescence
I speak to the past, demons detach, weep into wrath, wait
I’m seizing the path, leadin’ the lads, reapin’ the rap wave
Reason to wrap weight, reek in the rat’s rave
Leavin’ that last lane, creepin’ in cats, claim
Teethin’ off trap things, season the slack slang, aye
All that cheddar cheese, make a brother fetch a
Felony, only way is to bet on beats and I’m set on schemes
My pencil prepped to peep, any pepa pete on presidency
My voice’ll vex the cheats, correct and clean, credibility
All across the scene, you’ll come to see, that’s what I bleed

[Verse 6: Matthew The Artist]
Sick of the old ego, admit that the Holy Ghost
Is equipped but, lord, he knows that you poorly throw
Those shots, no luck like a four leaf clove
You can break my bread, you can break my bones
You can take my pen, you can take my loads
You can taste my lead, you can yank my quotes
But it won’t mean nothing if I take
Slims Gutz and make it my own
Lil’ clown, I’m coulrophobic
Lil’ bitch, better own the moment
Better know that I show opponents
What is growth like in bones, you rodent
But don’t you show it, I started this
Better quit with the arguments
You’s a bitch, I’m a monument
You’ll never get rich from a party trick
Now, open your mouth, need a spot to piss, wait
Geez, lately, it seems crazy that G-Baby
Wants smoke, but he’s maybe a tee angry
I mean mainly, he screams faintly of jealously woes
You a better me? No, I never even heard of you
You the precedent of what the burner do
Now you hesitant, you should learn a few
Words or two, exodus of enteral doom
Best to rippin’ up a verse in two
And I’ll choke you, bitch, like I’m Andrew Tate
Hope you wince from what Matthew say
Hoe, you wish that my pad and page
Don’t have your name
So lemme close this death note
And you pass away, yeah

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